Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program for Singapore Startups

Autodesk, the leader in design, visualization and simulation software, created a special offer for the most promising Clean Tech startups in Singapore and providing them access to the Autodesk Digital Prototyping software to support their product development and marketing goals.

We are working with Autodesk to offer selected Cleantech startups an outstanding opportunity, through the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program (, to receive full commercial Autodesk software licenses, valued at up to $150,000. With these powerful tools you can more thoroughly explore and test your ideas, substantially reduce potentially costly design errors, and more clearly communicate your concepts prior to physical creation. With Autodesk 3D design software for Digital Prototyping, you can get your ideas to the world, and to market, faster.

In the past years Autodesk helped a lot of Startups to speed up their projects. One succesful example is Green Building Group, focused on driving excellence in facade engineering for Singapore’s building industry, developing cost effective, energy efficient solutions.

“For budding entrepreneurs like us, the Autodesk Cleantech Partner Program has helped open new doors within our industry and beyond.” – P. Kwang, Managing Director, Green Building Group

For further information, please, contact me at


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