About Skipso

Skipso is a new online platform and business to business marketplace entirely focused on Cleantech and Sustainability. The company is positioned at the intersection of three defining trends of our time:

– Web 2.0


– Open Innovation

Skipso leverages the power of the Internet to accelerate the next wave of Cleantech Innovation.

It brings together entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policy-makers, professionals and businesses from the global Cleantech arena and provides them with a platform that fosters open collaboration and innovation.

The Global Cleantech Platform

The Global Cleantech Platform

In particular, Skipso aims to:

  • Accelerate innovation in clean technologies by creating an environment where ideas, best practices and opportunities can be exchanged
  • Bridge the gap between industry and research institutions / academia by creating an alternative platform for collaboration and knowledge transfer
  • Facilitate interaction and collaboration of talented individuals and experts worldwide, providing them with new professional opportunities and challenging projects to work on
  • Support cleantech companies investing in innovation by giving them access to an expert community to outsource their R&D or sponsor cleantech innovation research
  • Help entrepreneurs and innovators kick-start their projects by gaining easier access to capital & support services

Upon joining, Skipso members can:

  • Build professional relationships
  • Identify business opportunities
  • Find resources more efficiently and at a lower cost
  • Have easier access to capital and research grants
  • Access new ideas, knowledge and information
  • Outsource scientific and business challenges to a worldwide community of experts
  • Access new channels to promote their products and services
  • And more……

Join Skipso today for free and become part of the Cleantech Revolution!


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