NanotechItaly 2013


SkipsoLabs is excited to announce the launch of a unique opportunity for nanotechnology start-ups looking for funding: Nanotech Italy Call for Startups

From the Lab to the Market is a unique coaching and fund-raising fast-track opportunity for nanotechnology entrepreneurs that will take place during the NanotechItaly2013 conference. The event From the Lab to the Market is dedicated to start-ups in the field of nanotechnology and aims at presenting new companies with business ideas in nanotechnology to a wide audience of experts, companies, investors and VCs in order to facilitate the matching of supply and demand of nanotechnology.

It is co organized by Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative and the Nanoforce project. The Start-Up Initiative is an international acceleration platform developed by Italy’s leading bank Intesa Sanpaolo. The program selects promising high-tech start-ups, coaches them and connects them with financial and corporate investors.  Since its inception in 2009, it has developed a strong track record: 55 investment forums in 6 countries across 5 technologies, matching over 370 start-ups and growing companies with thousands of investors, corporations and players of the innovation ecosystem. The Start-Up Initiative Alumni have raised over 30M€ in equity, awards and grants, and 5 of them reached an exit.The Nanoforce project aims to foster the innovative nanotechnology sector networks across Central Europe regions by bringing together public and private organizations (enterprises, research centres, venture capitalists and public institutions) to carry out collaborative and interdisciplinary researches on nanomaterials and to turn the most promising laboratory results into innovative industrial applications.

 Best start-uppers will pitch in front of investors – venture capitals, business angels, development funds, etc.- and industry players – companies and corporations embracing the open innovation paradigm to boost their development potential.

New entrepreneurs, start-uppers, researchers and scientists with a business idea are invited to submit their proposals by filling in the online form here available, the deadline is 2nd of September.

The whole event is spread over 4 days, with a first phase of training of Intesa SanPaolo followed by the pitching in front of investors:

·       Tuesday 26th of November: Boot Camp day 1.

·       Wednesday 27th of November: Boot Camp day 2.

·       Thursday 28th of November: 1to1 meeting to prepare Friday pitch.

·       Friday 29th of November: From the Lab to the Market presentation in front of the an audience of industrial and financial investors.


5 reasons to join the European CleanTech Challenge 2013


If you are an early stage CleanTech start up and are thinking about taking part in this year’s competition, we wanted to share with you 5 good reasons why we think this is an amazing initiative for you to take part:

1. Funding

If you are a start-up looking for funding, this is really a unique opportunity to pitch to top investors (Angels and VCs) in Milan, London, Frankfurt, Paris, New York and San Francisco. Every investor Arena Meeting is attended by, on average, 75 selected investors. Many of the start-ups that went through this program in previous editions have successfully closed one or more rounds of funding. One of the finalists from last year is now incubated at 500 Startups.

2. Coaching/Mentoring

If you have already gone through start-up bootcamps in your career you might be doubtful whether there will be any value in attending yet another one. Having gone through the program ourselves, we really think there is something special about this one. The group / one-to-one sessions held by Bill Barber and his team at Maverick Angels are top quality. They really focus on helping you improve the pitch and provide some great insights on how to approach investors and fine-tune your 10 slide presentation.

3. Networking with other start-ups

You will have the opportunity to meet and bond with start-ups from different tech fields and countries. Going through each stage of the program you will meet great fellow entrepreneurs and share ideas, experiences, feedback and insights that can be extremely valuable.

4. Intesa Sanpaolo Partner Network

Being the second largest Italian bank, with a significant presence abroad, Intesa Sanpaolo reaches out to a large network of partners, service providers as well as large corporate organizations. These contacts can be extremely useful for start-ups looking to grow their business. The focus is on funding, but you will get much more out of it (media coverage, meeting potential partners, customers.)

5. Free to Join!

There is no fee to join and the submission only takes a few minutes to complete. We really think that, if selected, you will benefit hugely from the program!

If you have any question or need any further clarification, feel free to send us a message at All the best on your submission and we hope to see many of you at the first bootcamp weekend in Milan on October 12nd .

The European Cleantech Challenge 2013


SkipsoLabs, in cooperation with Intesa Sanpaolo, is pleased to invite you to apply for the 2013 edition of the European Cleantech Challenge, a unique fund raising and business development opportunity for start-ups active in cleantech.

The challenge is part of the Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative, an end-to-end acceleration platform that combines training, services, access to international investors and media coverage. The initiative, launched in 2009 by one of Italy’s leading banks, has developed a strong track record: 31 international editions in 5 countries, matching over 190 start-ups and growing companies to over 2.800 financial and industrial investors and corporations, a significant number of these have successfully closed their financing round.

Participating start-ups will go through a training and selection process made available at no charge by key industry players and qualified coaches. The most promising teams will have a chance to pitch their project to a wide audience of financial and corporate investors, significantly improving their fund raising and business development reach.

The program, whose initial phases will revolve around Milan, Italy, is structured as follows:

  • October 12 – 13 – Boot Camp Weekend (Milan): admitted start-ups will receive two full days of training delivered by Silicon Valley investors Maverick Angels.
  • October 14 – 28 – Remote coaching: each start-up will have a chance to schedule one-to-one skype sessions with our coaches, to strengthen its business plan and improve investor communication
  • October 28 – Deal Line-Ups (Milan): the trained start-ups will pitch to a panel of experts (industry players, investors and researchers), who will provide structured feedback and select the finalists, which will move forward with the program
  • November 12 –Investor Arena Meeting (Milan): on one of the two days (depending on technology) the start-ups selected at the Deal Line Up will have 10 minutes to pitch their project to an audience of investors, corporations and players of the innovation ecosystem
  • The best among the finalist start-ups will be given an opportunity to embark in an International Roadshow covering UKGermany,France and the US to reach more investor audiences and maximize their chances of success.

There is no cost to join and submission deadline is September 15th!

Register here :

Free Autodesk Software for Israeli Cleantech Startups


Autodesk, the leader in design, visualization and simulation software, created a special offer for the most promising Clean Tech startups in Israel and providing them access to the Autodesk Digital Prototyping software to support their product development and marketing goals.

We are working with Autodesk to offer selected Cleantech startups an outstanding opportunity, through the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program, to receive full commercial Autodesk software licenses, valued at up to $150,000. With these powerful tools you can more thoroughly explore and test your ideas, substantially reduce potentially costly design errors, and more clearly communicate your concepts prior to physical creation. With Autodesk 3D design software for Digital Prototyping, you can get your ideas to the world, and to market, faster.

For futher information, please read the following file: Clean Tech Software

For further information, please, contact me at

Become a Cleantech Nation – Just Don’t Forget the Sustainable Part

Published on CleanTechies by Susan Gladwin, Global Program Manager of the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program

There’s a compelling and thought-provoking book making the rounds called Clean Tech Nation that should make its way to your must-read list this Fall.

Authored by Ron Pernick and Clint Wilder, the thrust of the book is that the U.S.—long a leader in various technological revolutions—is falling behind the rest of the world when it comes to clean technology leadership.

To wit: the UK is the world’s number one generator of offshore wind power. China has become the world leader in wind turbine and solar panel manufacturing. And Germany added more new grid-connected solar PV and produced more biodiesel in 2010 than any other country in the world. Read more….

ECC : First Arena meeting on October 2-3 in Milan, Italy

We would like to give you some insight into the first Arena Meeting which will take place on October 2nd and 3rd in Milan, Italy. The program will begin with the Investors Round Table the first day, then the Cleantech Growth Arena the following day.

These events are co-organised by the International Venture Club and Intesa San Paolo.

You can find a summary of both events in which the 20-25 best selected startups will get the chance to take part in at the end of Phase 1 (submission of your ideas online and evaluation by a scientific jury) on the International Venture Club website :


Bootcamp Sessions with Maverick Angels

The angel investor network will provide European Cleantech Challenge’s finalists with intensive coaching and training to make them become highly successful entrepreneurs. You will get advice on how to master communication skills in order to make high-quality and convincing presentations in front of investors.

Check out their website :

Here is what entrepreneurs who previously participated in the Bootcamp are saying about the Maverick Angels: