European Cleantech Challenge’s International Investor Roadshow : Who Are The Investors ?

         Many thanks to all of those who have taken their time to submit their entry ! We have received some great submissions so far and it will surely be a tough task for the judging panel to select a shortlist. Let us remind you that, if you haven’t done so already, the NEW submission deadline is next Sunday, August 26th at midnight GMT.

Today, we would like to give you some details about the International Investor Roadshow. For those of you who have already registered and/or submitted ideas, you might be wondering : Who am I going to meet in this International Roadshow ? Who are these “top investors” I will get the chance to pitch to in Arena Meetings ?

         Well, here are some names of Venture Capital firms and Business Angels who participated in last year’s editions of the European Cleantech Challenge.  We hope this non-exhaustive list will reassure those who have registered to the challenge and will encourage those who haven’t done it yet !


Intesa Sanpaolo continues its partnership with Skipso

The 3rd of April two start-ups, Qualisteo and Pontoon Power, finalists of the European Cleantech Challenge 2011 / Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative, will attend Intesa’s International roadshow in Paris. At this event 5 start-ups and 2 growing companies will present in front of mainly French business angels, venture capitalists and corporates.

Qualisteo, is an eco-innovative French start-up company taking an active role in the electricity «smart grid» endeavour; they are the first spin-off of the Econoving industrial Chair. Their mission is to help electricity consumers take ownership and control of their consumption patterns, thereby managing and reducing their ecological footprint.


Pontoon Power, is a Norwegian company, established in 2010. The company’s primary purpose is to develop electric power production based on offshore wave power by means of our patent pending wave power converter, the Pontoon Power Converter (PPC).


You can find more information about the event here and If you wish to participate, please send an email

Stay tuned for news about the 2012 edition of the European Cleantech Challenge!


Top Cleantech Events 2012

Summary: Hundreds of Cleantech Events happen year-round all over the world. With events covering a wide range of topics, to conferences covering one specific cleantech topic, these events are extremely beneficial to anyone looking to succeed in the growing world of Clean Technology.

Cleantech has begun taking the world by storm.  This trending topic is being seen across the globe through a number of new exciting initiatives as well as a growing portion of venture money going to fund new Cleantech startups and projects.  With the world of clean technology and innovation continually growing, the need for information about this industry is growing as well.

The world of clean technology can be divided into many different areas.  The term “clean technology” encompasses many different areas, ranging from different forms of renewable energy, such as solar, wind, hydro, and thermal, to topics on water management and waste pollution.

Some top cleantech events for 2012 are ones hosted by Cleantech Group.  Cleantech Group puts on events such as the Cleantech Forum San Francisco, which focuses on ­­­­­clean technology as a broad subject.  Another frontrunner in cleantech events is Greentech Media.  Their more specialized Solar Summit 2012 event to be held in Phoenix, Arizona in May will focus solely on solar energy.

These events are valuable learning tools, as well as opportunities for networking with top industry professionals and investors.  Through these events, connections can be made and ideas can be shared.  One problem facing the global cleantech community is the ability to simply find out about upcoming events, and where events specializing in your desired field are being held.

It is through companies like Skipso that this problem is being solved.  Skipso’s website offers a continually growing database of the top global Cleantech events (chekc out the top 100 Cleantech events for 2012). This website allows people to search for events by geographic area, as well as their desired topic or type of event.


Skipso is helping to open more doors to cleantech enthusiasts worldwide.  Through their site, people can explore vast opportunities and in doing so, learn a great deal from others who share their drive and enthusiasm for the cleantech revolution.

Announcing the 1st Italian Cleantech Summit

Skipso, Envidev and, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, are excited to announce the first Italian Cleantech Summit.

The Summit will take place in Rome on June 24th and will bring together top investors, entrepreneurs, academics and government officials from the Italian Cleantech market. Objective of the summit is to discuss the main drivers of the Italian Cleantech market trying to identify threats and opportunities as well as ways to position Italy as a leader in the space. You can register directly from the Summit website (click below). Each registration will be approved by the organizing committee.

At the event we are also unveiling the launch of the first Italian Cleantech Cluster. The platform (powered by Skipso!) aims to become the focal point to foster and showcase Italian Cleantech innovaiton.