CO2 Offsetting Challenge Launched Today!

Following the successful launch of the Rwanda Rural Electrification Challenge (3 weeks left to submit your solution!), we are excited to announce the launch of a new Cleantech challenge on Skipso’s Cleantech Open innovation Lab:

The CO2 Offsetting Projects Challenge

Help us 'Protect our planet'

$5,000 Cash Award!

Non-profit foundation myclimate – The Climate Protection Partnership is an international climate protection organization based in Zurich/Switzerland. myclimate offers Carbon Management Services and promotes carbon neutrality via the principle of high quality voluntary CO2 offsetting.

myclimate is looking for innovative approaches to secure and expand the sourcing of carbon offsetting projects.

Win $5,000 for submitting the most compelling concept for myclimate to find and approach Cleantech companies, technology providers and other organizations that apply and implement CO2-reducing technologies and initiatives in developing countries, mainly in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Submit your solution to earn a $5,000 cash award or refer a friend and earn a $500 referral bonus!