Rwanda Rural Electrification Challenge – Winners Announced!

Dear members,

We would like to inform you that, after much consideration, the judging panel have made their decision and identified the winning solutions to the Rwanda Rural Electrification Challlenge. The excellent quality of these solutions has made selecting a winner a particularly challenging task.  However, we are pleased to announce that, on the basis of clarity of idea, technical and financial feasibility, local involvement and scalability, the top 3 solutions chosen by Mabawa were those submitted by:

  1. Emilio Simonet ($1,500 cash award)
  2. Christophe Parot ($500 cash award)
  3. Francis Hillman ($500 cash award)

These solutions were not just innovative in terms of the ideas and technology they described, but managed to reconcile scalability with financial feasibility (all were under $25 000).

In addition, a further 5 solutions have been shortlisted for a potential Phase 2 of the project:

  • Francois D’Assise Nezerwa
  • Eric Youngren
  • Bernardin Vsanase
  • Douglas Danley
  • Bridget Wandelt

It should be mentioned that Mabawa is currently trying to secure funding for onsite-implementation.  Should it succeed in this task, it may decide to invite all shortlisted participants to submit a more detailed solution based on Nyamyumba’s specific energy requirements.

We would like to thank all of those who have participated to this challenge and we look forward to seeing you again on Skipso soon!



The Rwanda Rural Electrification Challenge

The first Cleantech Open Innovation Challenge is now live on Skipso’s Open Innovation Lab!

According to the World Energy Outlook a quarter of the world population, approximately 1.6 billion people, has no access to electricity. Most of them live in rural and remote areas of developing countries. The IEA estimates that by 2030 approximately 1.4 billion people without electricity if we don’t make any dramatic changes in electrification.

The Rwanda Rural Electrification Challenge aims to address exactly this problem.  Swiss-based NGO Mabawa ( is looking to harness the power of open innovation to bring electricity to the rural village of Nyamyumba, Rwanda.

Nyamyumba's Primary School

Nyamyumba's Primary School

The challenge comprises two phases.

This first phase aims to generate high-level ideas for cost-efficient, reliable, standalone (off-grid) solutions which explore the use of multiple renewable energy sources. The winning solution/s will get a total cash award of $2,500.

The top 10 will be considered for Phase 2 of the challenge, which will aim to develop a detailed project to provide electricity to the school, refectory and health centre of the village.

The winner of Phase 2 will be considered for implementation in Nyamyumba, Rwanda.

You can see the full challenge requirements, join the challenge project room and submit your solutions on Skipso’s Innovation Lab section.

Join The Rwanda Rural Electrification Challenge

Join The Rwanda Rural Electrification Challenge